Topping Balm Plus Natural

৳ 1,250.00

Topping Balm Plus Natural

৳ 1,250.00


👉ত্বককে সুরক্ষা দেয়।
👉স্তন এবং কুঁচকির জায়গায় অন্ধকার এবং নিস্তেজ ত্বকের উপস্থিতি হ্রাস করে।
👉স্তনবৃন্ত গোলাপী করে এবং কুঁচকির জায়গায় ত্বককে ময়শ্চারাইজ করে।
👉ঘাড়, কনুই, বগল, উরুগুলি মূল রেট প্রসারিত চিহ্নিত করে।


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💞 Topping Balm Plus 💞

⏩say good bye sa maitim na pwet, singit, batok at nipples….100% effective orginal product

By Little Baby

A mixture of natural herbal extracts that helps lighten dark spots while removing the dead skin cells gradually within 4weeks.

It is made from High quality Botanical and Natural Ingredients that have been carefully blended and especially formulated with essesntial skin lightening agents and multivitamins to boost skin clarity and tone, protect against moisture loss and makes your skin more smooth and supple. Nanomolecule helps penetrate the skin effectively.

🔰For Dark and Dull Areas – Groin, Buttocks and nape
🔰For Pinkier Nipples
🔰Helps to lighten stretchmarks
🔰Relieves and Heals cracked heels

Active Ingredients:
🔰Vitamin C & E
🔰Apple Fruit Extract
🔰Jojoba oil
🔰Sunflower Seed Oil

How to use: Apply a nourishing groin or breasts regularly – morning and evening. Apply for a longer time.
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